Grateful For These Kind Words

In the past 30 years, we have earned many rewarding comments and testimonials from our safety training courses in Sonoma County and beyond. Below are a select few that we’d like to share with you.

I have taken your CPR/First Aid class a couple of times, and never had to use it…until yesterday, when I had to do the baby Heimlich on my son, who choked on a piece of bread, stopped coughing, and turned blue.

My brain froze, but thanks to you, my body didn’t. I did two rounds of patting the back, pumping on the chest, and scooping the mouth before he was able to cough the rest out himself. I can’t thank you enough!

Jenny Levine-Smith, Roseland School District in Santa Rosa, CA

You gave us a huge amount of very practical information. As a pastor, I worked with many medical professionals, and as a hospital director, I was always interested in patient care and advocacy.

When I see something as well prepared as your program, I am very grateful for people like yourself who are dedicated to spreading information that can be truly lifesaving. Well done!

John Cushman, M.D., in Santa Rosa, CA

Professional & Engaging

The class was great. The class participation kept people involved and interested. I’ll definitely use Mill Creek Safety again for future classes and certifications. Thank you!

Donald Gates, Forman at R.J. Gordon Con.

I have taken numerous safety training courses in my 20+ years of construction. This 30 hour OSHA course is by far, the most informative. The energy and knowledge in the classroom are contagious and kept me wanting more.

I will take much that was taught here straight to my next job site!

Chuck Baranzini, California Engineering Contractors, Inc.

Mill Creek Safety has a wealth of information. The delivery of that information involved all the participants in a way that kept us all interested and allowed us to feel comfortable participating.

Noriene Butterfield, Carone & Co. Inc.

Mill Creek Safety’s class is informative and entertaining. They were able to customize a program to suit the unique needs of our company.

John Mastrianni, Owner/Operator of Wine Country Bikes

Great class, I would like to be able to call on you for our company’s special course needs. I personally thank you.

Nate Cole, Golden Gate Bridge

Mill Creek Safety is very informative. The teaching was fun, and the whole class had no problem participating in the exercises.

Phil Brooks, D.O.C. in New Zealand