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CPR Training Certification and First Aid Training

CPR & First Aid are the most frequently requested courses. There are different types of CPR and First Aid classes offered in Marin and the class that's right for you will depend upon your employment and/or personal needs. The following are brief descriptions of the different types of CPR and First Aid classes available in Santa Rosa, California.

Please note that the certifications for both CPR and First Aid are 2 year certifications through Life Support Network, EMS Safety Services, Medic First Aid, American Safety & Health Institute, or American Red Cross.


CPR (BLS-Adult/Child/Infant):
Covers the basic skills of CPR plus the new CPR (hand only), activation of EMS system, heart healthy behavior/nutrition, hands-on CPR demonstration and practice, use of barrier devices, AED demonstration, and foreign body airway obstruction management.

CPR (Health Care Provider):
This course is required for all health care professionals. It is designed to teach adult/child/infant CPR and adult two-rescuer CPR, use of barrier devices, AED demonstration, bag valve mask use, and foreign body airway obstruction management.

EMSA Pediatric CPR w/State Certification:
Teaches basic CPR skills with the focus on pediatric (infant/child) CPR. Includes foreign body airway obstruction management, AED demonstration, and the differences between adult and pediatric CPR emergencies and appropriate responses. EMSA sticker provided.

First Aid (Basic):
Learn effective management of medical emergencies in the crucial first few minutes while help is on the way. This course covers injury/illness assessment, vital signs, proper handling of bleeding, shock, burns, cuts, broken bones, head & neck injuries, diabetes, asthma, poisoning, seizures, drug/alcohol emergencies, triage, lifting/moving, and more.

EMSA Pediatric First Aid w/State Certification:
Covers all the same topics as basic First Aid with an emphasis on pediatric (infant/child) emergencies. Also provides mandatory EMSA instruction. EMSA sticker provided.

Wilderness First Aid:
Discusses what to do when you are in an isolated environment and can't get help within 12 hours. Includes patient packaging, stabilization of injury, stabilization of victim in hazardous conditions, proper splinting of broken bones, snake bites, and use of available materials as first aid equipment. Basic First Aid highly recommended before taking this class.

Wilderness First Responder:
This two day class will equip you for your outdoor experience. This class uses Wilderness First Aid as a base and builds upon it, with a lot of hands on skills available in Marin.



AED (Automated External Defibrillator):
This course is mandatory for new AED owners/users. It covers the how, when, and why of AED use. This course will equip you to use any AED equipment.

Bloodborne Pathogens:
This class meets the 1991 OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard which mandates annual training for all employees with occupational exposure to blood or other potential infectious materials. Topics include identification of bloodborne pathogens, universal precautions, prevention, and proper handling/housekeeping tips. Certification of completion is provided.

Competent Person:
OSHA says you must have a "Competent Person" on site to supervise employees working in any excavation project. This course will cover soil analysis, sloping, shoring, and shielding, hazardous situations, excavation standards and more.

Confined Space Awareness:
This course is designed for anyone who works around confined spaces and all emergency responders. Upon completion participants will be able to identify a confined space and understand its associated hazards. Certification of completion is provided.

Confined Space Training:
This course covers proper procedures for making entry into Permit Required Confined Spaces. Participants are prepared to operate in the capacity of Entrant, Attendant or Entry Supervisor during confined space operations. Participants are familiarized with CFR 1910.146 and how to properly employ the permit program. This course is a combination of classroom instruction and practical application in actual permit spaces utilizing the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment, meters and ventilation. This course is required by OSHA before an employee can enter a Permit Required Confined Space. Certification of completion is provided.

Disaster Preparedness:
This course is designed to equip you and/or your business in the event of a natural disaster. Preparedness is the key to survival. Topics include remaining calm in the face of disaster, creating and implementing a disaster plan, and preparing first aid/survival kits for your home and office.

Fall Protection:
OSHA says employers shall train employees who might be exposed to fall hazards. This Cal OSHA "Fall Protection" course will cover regulations, fall protection systems and equipment, anchoring procedures, controlled access zones, equipment inspections, hazard identification, rescue and more.

Fire Safety:
Course covers possible fire hazards in the workplace and how to mitigate them. Training includes live fire drill with fire extinguishers and other smothering agents.

Forklift / Aerial Lift Cert Training:
Anyone operating a forklift or aerial lift MUST have a certificate to operate the lift. The Certificate is good for 3 years.

HazCom (Hazard Communication):
This course is designed to provide construction personnel with an understanding of OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard. Participants will learn how to read an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and labeling systems, select personal protective equipment and understand various chemical and physical hazards. The employee's "Right to Know" about chemicals in the workplace is also covered. This course meets OSHA requirements for employee training of MSDS, labeling and information. Certification of completion is provided.

Hazwoper 40 Hour
This course is designed for workers involved in clean-up operations, voluntary clean-up operation, emergency response operations, and storage disposal/treatment of hazardouse substances or uncontrolled hazardous waste sites. Topics include recognition of hazardous substances, protection against hazardous chemicals, elimination of hazardous chemicals, safety of workers and the environment and OSHA regulations. Upon successful completion, participants receive a certification of completion (with no expiration, but 8 hour refresher course required annually). This Course covers topics included in CFR 1910.120.

Hazwoper 8 Hour (Refresher)
This course meets OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 requirements for eight hours of annual refresher training workers at hazardous waste sites. This course is designed for general site workers who remove hazardous waste or who are exposed or potentially exposed to hazardous substances or health hazards. Topics include HAZWOPER regulations, safety and health plans, hazardous chemicals, safety hazards, air monitoring, medical sruveillance, site control, decontamination, personal protective equipment, and respiratory equipment.

Heat Illness Protection Program:
This OSHA-designed class will certify you and your employees on the new heat illness standard in an informative and interesting way.

Lead Awareness:
This course covers lead contamination in soil next to roadways and other possible exposure sites. Health risks, proper handling, exposure limits, and basic responsibilities are covered. Certification of completion is provided.

This course is for all affected employees working in or around machinery where unexpected energization or start-up of the equipment could occur. Topics include proper lockout/tagout procedures, why the procedures are important, how and when to use them, and how to safely restart the equipment or machinery. Site specific. Certification of completion is provided.

OSHA 10 Hour Construction
This course provides construction workers, supervisors, and other personnel responsible for construction activities with an awareness of construction safety and health concerns in the construction industry. Upon successful course completion, participants will receive an OSHA 10-hour course completion card.

OSHA 30 Hour Construction
This course is a comprehensive safety program designed specifically for safety directors, foremen and field supervisors. The program provides complete information on OSHA compliance issues. Particiapants who successfully complet the course will receive a course completion card from OSHA.

Respiratory Fit Testing:
OSHA regulation 1910.134 Respiratory Protection, requires annual fit testing for all employees using respirators with tight-fitting face pieces (either negative or positive pressure). On-site Quantitative Fit Testing and matching of equipment to employee is provided. Certification of completion is provided.

* Pricing is for Sonoma County, and is subject to change. Additional charge for out of Sonoma County.


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